The sore throat specialist

Difflam is a fast acting, long lasting treatment for sore throat and mouth conditions.

The Difflam range

30ml Difflam™ Throat Spray with packaging

Difflam Throat Spray

Difflam Spray delivers fast-acting sore throat relief for all the family, including children under 6.

200ml Difflam™ Throat Rinse with packaging

Difflam Sore Throat Rinse

Mint flavoured Difflam Sore Throat Rinse can be used as a mouthwash or gargle by adults and children over 12.

Triple action relief

Icon illustrating anti-inflammatory action

1. Anti-inflammatory

To support the body's natural healing process and help you feel better sooner.

Icon illustrating target with arrow directed at centre

2. Analgesic

To relieve the pain from a sore
throat quickly and effectively.

Icon illustrating woman with relieved sore throat

3. Anaesthetic

To soothe a sore throat so you
can get on with your day.

When to recommend

See information about the Difflam range of products and their indications, as well as a quick reference guide.

Clinical evidence

Information outlining the findings of studies supporting Difflam and its active ingredient, Benzydamine Hydrochloride.

How to stock

Difflam is available directly through your wholesaler. In the event of any issues, please email:

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