All you need to know

Q.What is Difflam®?

A.Difflam® is a fast acting, long lasting treatment for sore throat and mouth conditions, and is available as a choice of spray, rinse and the lozenge formulations. Difflam® products are available from your local pharmacy.

Q.How does Difflam® work?

A.All Difflam® products contain the active ingredient Benzydamine Hydrochloride, which acts locally to help stop pain and inflammation. So, it treats the source of the pain at the same time as helping to soothe the soreness and discomfort that you experience from a sore throat.

Q.Is Difflam® suitable for children?

A.Difflam® Spray is suitable for children of all ages. Difflam® Oral Rinse is suitable for children over 12 years old. Difflam® Lozenges is suitable for children above 6 years of age.

Q.What is the triple action of Difflam®?

A.Difflam® delivers Triple Action relief: Anti-inflammatory – to support the body’s natural healing process and help you feel better sooner, Analgesic – to relieve the pain from a sore throat quickly and effectively, Anaesthetic – to soothe a sore throat so you can get on with your day.

Q.Where can I buy Difflam®?

A.Difflam® Spray and Difflam® Oral Rinse are available on prescription or sold over the counter by your local pharmacist. Difflam® Lozenges are only available from your local pharmacy. It is also possible to buy them online from selected retailers.

Q.Can bacteria cause sore throats?

A.Sore throats are usually caused by viruses (like cold or flu) or from smoking. Very occasionally they can be caused by bacteria.

Q.Can you exercise with a sore throat?

A.Any strenuous activity and exercise should be avoided while you’ve got a sore throat and you should rest as much as possible until you feel better again.

Q.How important is it to stay hydrated with a sore throat?

A.It’s really important to drink more than you would normally. Water is best but warm teas and soups are also good options.

Q.Should I avoid any foods with a sore throat?

A.It is a good idea to avoid eating anything that will further aggravate the feeling you have in your throat, so some spicy foods are not recommended. Any burning feeling can further your discomfort.

Q.Does Difflam® have to be prescribed by a GP?

A.No, Difflam® can also be recommended and sold to you over the counter at your local pharmacy.

Q.What’s the difference between Difflam® Sore Throat Rinse and Difflam® Oral Rinse?

A.There is no difference between these two products, just the size of the bottle. Difflam® Sore Throat Rinse is available in 200ml and Difflam® Oral Rinse is available in 300ml.

Q.Can I use Difflam® after dental treatment?

A.Yes, Difflam® Spray can be used after dental treatment to soothe pain and inflammation.