Difflam is for fast, long lasting pain relief to soothe sore throat and mouth conditions. Difflam products are available over the counter from your local pharmacist.

The Difflam® range

30ml Difflam™ Throat Spray with packaging

Difflam® Throat Spray

Difflam® Spray delivers fast-acting sore throat relief for all the family and is suitable for children of all ages.

200ml Difflam™ Throat Rinse with packaging

Difflam® Sore Throat Rinse

Mint flavoured Difflam® Sore Throat Rinse can be used as a mouthwash or gargle by adults and children over 12.

Difflam® Lozenges

Difflam® Lozenges (available in 4 flavours) deliver relief of pain and irritation of the mouth and throat, for adults and children over the age of 6.

Triple action relief

Icon illustrating anti-inflammatory action

1. Anti-inflammatory

To support the body's natural healing
process and help you feel better sooner.

Icon illustrating target with arrow directed at centre

2. Analgesic

To relieve the pain from a sore
throat quickly and effectively.

Icon illustrating woman with relieved sore throat

3. Anaesthetic

To soothe a sore throat so you
can get on with your day.

Help and advice

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