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Home remedies for a sore throat

Although a sore throat isn’t usually serious, it can start to get you down after a while.

As well as using Difflam to relieve your sore throat, why not try these home remedies to help speed up your recovery and get you back to feeling yourself again.

Gargle warm, salty water

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Gargling several times a day with warm, salty water can reduce the swelling in the throat and loosen mucus. It will also help to flush out irritants and bacteria.

Add honey to your drink

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Added to a hot drink, a teaspoon of honey can often make the liquid more palatable and it also has antibacterial properties that could help you to heal faster.

Eat some chicken soup

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Chicken is one of the healthier types of meat, known for its low fat and high protein content. B vitamins contribute towards a healthy digestive system and sodium acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Use a room humidifier

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Moist air from a humidifier can help to keep your nasal passage and throat lubricated for a faster recovery. It can also help prevent passing airborne viruses, which spread less in moist air, on to family and friends.

Other tips to help you recover quickly

Drink plenty of water

Your vocal cords need lubrication and any kind of sore throat causes over or under production of phlegm, so keeping them well watered will help.

Rest, eat a healthy diet and de-stress

Easier said than done when you're busy, but these are all essential to recovery.

Watch your volume

Try not to whisper as this forces the vocal chords together and can cause more inflammation. It is better to speak at a low but clear level if your throat is sore.