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  • Q.What is Difflam?

    A.Difflam is a fast acting, long lasting treatment for sore throat and mouth conditions, and is available as a choice of spray or rinse formulations. Difflam products are available to you on prescription from your doctor or dentist, or sold over the counter by your local pharmacist.
  • Q.How does Difflam work?

    A.All Difflam products contain the active ingredient Benzydamine Hydrochloride, which acts locally to stop pain and inflammation. So, it treats the source of the pain at the same time as helping to soothe the soreness and discomfort that you experience from a sore throat.
  • Q.Is Difflam suitable for children?

    A.Difflam Throat Spray is suitable for children of all ages. Difflam Oral Rinse is suitable for children over 12 years old.
  • Q.Where can I buy Difflam?

    A.Difflam Throat Spray and Difflam Oral Rinse are available on prescription or sold over the counter by your local pharmacist. It is also possible to buy them online from selected retailers. Find your nearest stockist here.
  • Q.Can bacteria cause sore throats?

    A.A high temperature, aching muscles, cough or headache alongside a sore throat usually suggests bacterial or viral origins. The bacterium or virus that causes a sore throat is normally caught from someone else who is already infected.
  • Q.Can you exercise with a sore throat?

    A.Any strenuous activity and exercise should be avoided while you’ve got a sore throat and you should rest as much as possible until you feel better again.
  • Q.How important is it to stay hydrated with a sore throat?

    A.Dehydration can make the swelling and inflammation caused by a sore throat worse, so it’s really important to drink more than you would normally. Water is best but warm teas and soups are also good options.
  • Q.Should I avoid any foods with a sore throat?

    A.It is a good idea to avoid eating anything that will further aggravate the feeling you have in your throat, so spicy foods aren’t recommended. These often enhance dehydration and any burning feeling can further your discomfort.
  • Q.Does Difflam have to be prescribed by a GP?

    A.Difflam can also be prescribed by your pharmacist and dispensed to you over the counter.
  • Q.What’s the difference between Difflam Sore Throat Rinse and Difflam Oral Rinse?

    A.There is no difference between these two products, just the size of the bottle. Difflam Sore Throat Rinse is available in 200ml and Difflam Oral Rinse is available in 300ml.
  • Q.Can I use Difflam after dental treatment?

    A.Yes, Difflam Spray can be used after dental treatment to soothe pain and inflammation.

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